Harvey Feldheim


Harvey Feldheim, the President of Opal Holdings, has over a decade of experience in every facet of real estate, including but not limited to development operations, the residential, hospitality, commercial, and mixed-use sectors. Mr. Feldheim is responsible for directing all aspects of the acquisition, financing and management of Opal Holdings diverse portfolio, which includes multifamily, hospitality, retail, office, and industrial properties. Mr. Feldheim has built a reputation on his ability to navigate the real estate industry and identify successful real estate opportunities.

Shaya & Shulamit Prager

Chairman & CEO

Shaya and Shulamit Prager are Chairman and CEO of Opal Holdings, which they founded in 2012. The Pragers personifies Opal Holdings commitment to the highest standards of quality, integrity, and value. With their stellar reputation, they consistently devise creative deal structures and close complex transactions. They are engaged in all facets of the company’s operation, from overseeing acquisition, financing, and investor relations to asset management for the company.

Dov Feldheim

Senior Vice President, Asset Management & Investments

Dov Feldheim joined our team in 2012, coming from a private family office where he was the asset manager for over 2000 units in the NYC metropolitan area. With over a decade of experience in real estate Management Mr. Feldheim’s knowledge and experience is a great attribute to our team. Mr. Feldheim is responsible for the operations and asset management of all our assets, including oversight of all facets of property operations, capital allocations and execution of ownership strategy for the portfolio.

Brian Haimm

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Haimm is the Chief Financial Officer of Opal Holdings LLC (2020 to present). Prior to joining Opal Holdings, Brian was the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer (2006 to 2020) of Ascend Capital Group International LLC, a private equity firm.

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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
― Phil Jackson